Monday, April 14, 2014

Moment of pleasure

Creating a pleasant moment immediately after I wake up is very important to me. A nice start of the day is inextricably connected with happiness, physical energy and proper brain functioning for the day to come and since I don't want one of these three things to be absent at any day, I highly value my 'moment of pleasure' in the form of a breakfast of champions WITH a big cup of tea. I usually got the same flavor every morning (I can't get enough of it) but I currently switched brands. That is, when I discovered SMT, I was immediately hooked! SMT is an Australian-based 100% natural health supplements company that promotes a healthy balanced lifestyle. And their products are divine! For example, try their Acai tea. It's delicious, it boosts energy levels, improves cellular health and due to its antioxidant properties, free-radicals that are harmful to your body are fought.

Sleepwear - Hunkemöller; Mug - De Tuinen; Tea -  SMT


  1. I love to start my day with something positive as well...especially because I'm usually in a bad mood when I wake up.

    You do look really very cute!

  2. Super leuk jurkje.
    Ik vind die beker ook echt geweldig met dat blad!

  3. So true, darling!
    Love a good cup of tea!


  4. Leuke foto's en heel erg mooi jurkje! Stiekem een beetje jaloers ;)

  5. lovely girl! you look good! liefs x