Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer guide

I'm not sure whether summer-girl is an existing word, but if it is, I'm definitely it. I'm really ambitious and I've got lots of wishes, but if the weather is nice and I'm sitting outside together with my family, I feel like I don't need anything else. Warm weather makes me happy, and we were lucky enough to experience it in Holland last week. However, the tropical temperatures made me think about summer shoes and I decided to take a look at Their great collection inspired me, and based on their shoes, I made this summer guide for you. You can see it as an How-to-pack-your-suitcase-to-have-the-most-amazing-holiday-ever.

Fasten your seatbelt, we're ready for takeoff. Time has finally come: you're leaving your home country and you're so excited. But what to wear when you're travelling? I will not pretend that I never travel in high heels or in clothes that are - to say the least - not that comfortable, but it's really nice to travel in clothes that are comfortable. So let's start with some sneakers. I love my high Converse shoes, but I chose the lower version to create this look. They're available here. I really like these items; their soft colors are perfect for spring and summer, and they are basic but unique at the same time.
Festival season. Whether you're staying home or whether you're going abroad, there are festivals almost everywhere. I love the combination of jeans shorts and some edgy rocker boots. I don't have a perfectly tought-out plan yet, but I'll try to DIY some shorts like these. I guess it won't be the easiest DIY project I ever did, but I'm sure it will work out well! Wish me luck. ;-)
I'm watching you. One of the - infinitely number of - things I love doing in summer, is watching people. This probably sounds pretty weird and I hope it doesn't sound like I'm some sort of creep, but I love sitting in a beach bar or somewhere on a terrace and looking at people to see what they're wearing, what they're doing of even to look at them when they're arguing about something haha. However, whether you like watching people, flirting with bartenders or drinking sangria with some friends, a beach bar is the place to be in summer. Take some airy clothes on, and enjoy! The shoes are available here.
Culture. I, loooove the beach: playing beach soccer, reading books and magazines, walking along the coastline..  However, I also enjoy exploring new places, so an outfit that's appropriate to see some sights is required too. The sandals look really easy-to-walk, so they seem perfect for playing tourist. I think a sunvisor is totally cool too. It's got that cool sporty look, and it's much better than a cap/hat to keep your hair in shape. I've been looking for the perfect one for more than two months now, and I think I just found it. I guess I have to try on this one in stores. :)
Cinderella finds Prince Charming. If the evening has come and you're going to have a dinner with your beloved ones, I think it's so cool to wear an all-white outfit. It gives a fresh and clean look, especially when you wear your hair in a chic updo. The pumps remind me of Cinderella, so you'll definitely be the princess of the place when you're wearing this look!
Dance the night away. Ooh-lala, you'll definitely steal the show when you enter the disco in this outfit. It all starts with the goooorgeous Alexander McQueen pumps, that suit the dress and the necklace perfectly. Unfortunately, the necklace is still "slightly" above my budget, but who knowsssss... ;-) The Chanel nailpolish (shade coco blue) is one of my current favorites, and I think they are a great finishing touch to the look. It gives that special summer-vibe to the whole-black look. Let's party!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Instagram and stuff

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Garden party

Great shape, amazing floral print, and lovely colors. This chic peplum dress possesses all ingredients for having a great time at a garden party in mid-summer. I styled it with my nude Bronx pumps, ivory leather bag, and some basic accessoiries like pearl bracelets and my granddad's watch. The bun in my hair isn't very a very complex one (it took just five minutes to create it), but I think this simple hairstyle complements the dress very well. A perfect dress like this doesn't need a haute couture hairstyle and excellent makeup to make it look magnificent.. <3

Shoes ('schoenen') - Spartoo; Dress - AX Paris; Bag - Late Manta
Sunglasses - Giorgio Armani; Watch - Granddad's; Bracelets - Boutique

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


First of all, I want to congratulate the lovely team of Dress Republic with the 2nd birthday of their webshop! They sell amazing clothes and accessoiries, and I always love wearing their items.

If you like their products too, I've got some great news for the European people among you: Dress Republic and I want to give away a 100 euros surprise package with clothing and accessoiries! Sound great, huh?! All you have to do is follow them on facebook, follow my blog on GFC/Bloglovin', and leave your e-mailaddress in a comment below this post. If you want an extra entry: just follow me on twitter and mention you did! You can join until June 1st.

Good luck, everyone!


PS If you're not the lucky winner this time, you can still buy your favorites: use the discount code 'happybirthday2' for 15% off all clothes! Have fun while shopping. :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The modern hippie

Miracles still happen: While I'm preparing this post, I'm sitting in the backyard in my bikini, listening to the calming sound of the waterfall that's in the pond behind my seat. This might be common for the people among you who are living in countries like Brazil, but for me - as a Dutch girl - this scenario truly feel like paradise. I wish the weather could be like this for ever. I wore the outfit you can see below yesterday. I got the OBJECT dress via Sans-Online and I decided to style a kind of modern hippie-ish look with it. When people ask me who or what inspires me, I always tell them that for me, anything is a potential source of inspiration. I love the fact that this look is the perfect evidence for that statement, because my looks have never been inspired by hippies before and - given my other looks - it really surprises me that this one is. :)

Oh, and by the way: if you're looking for the perfect summer dress, you should try the webshop. They sell great dresses, and I already picked my favorites!

Dress - OBJECT; Jeans jacket - ARAFEEL; Cuff - Regal Rose
Scarf - H&M; Shoes - Naughty monkey

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ton sur ton

Pants in a dazzling or soft color are definitely must haves this season. I have to confess I recently became very addicted to them (I bought no less than three of them last week), so when I woke up and saw the nice weather this morning, I didn't have to think a long time before I knew what to wear today: obviously I grabbed my light yellow pants out of my closet. I paired them with a same colored top, that I bought a couple of years ago and that I haven't worn a lot since then. However, I'm so glad I've kept it in my wardrobe because I think the pretty casual outfit gets a great chic look because of the ton sur ton color palette.

Bag- Late Manta; Watch -; Light yellow bracelet - Feathers Luxury
Sunglasses - Prada; Shoes - Zara; Pants - Zara; Tshirt - Primark

Friday, May 18, 2012

Blue and black

I was convinced I'd skip the Instagram-madness, but I've surrendered to the trend and I created an account (theonlyfashionprincess). So... if you want, you can also follow me there! :)

Shirt - Sheinside; Boots - Carel van der Meer; Bag - Pieces; Shorts - Vila

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nude, burgundy, and Prada

Oyeaaah, I'm the proud owner of the most amazing dress ever. This beauty has the perfect minimalistic cut, and its color combination is brilliant. I paired it with the nude pumps ('schoenen') that I introduced to you a couple of days ago. I was so so so happy when I noticed they are exactly the same color as the dress and I truly can't imagine a pair of shoes that would suit this outfit better. And they almost look like parts of my legs because of their color, which is also a pretty cool thing. ;-) These shoes are definitely good evidence that something can be unobtrusive on the one hand, and very eye-catching on the other hand. Oh, and what do you think of my new Prada sunglasses? Their butterfly frame is incredibly stunning, don't you think?!

Pumps - Bronx via; Dress - Dress Republic; Bag - Tommy Hilfiger;
Sunglasses - Prada; Bracelet - Dress Republic

Monday, May 14, 2012

Simplicity at its best

I wore a pretty minimalistic outfit last Saturday. Even though I totally love prints at the moment, I felt like wearing a look without patterns at all that day. I really love it when a simple outfit looks fashionable and chic, and I think this one does. I hope you agree with me about that. ;-)

Pants - Jane Norman; Top - Apple; Shoes - ZaraBag - ARAFEEL

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Brand new beauties

A perfect description of my new pumps ('schoenen'): Leather, sky-high, and nude. In my opinion, every girl needs a pair of nude colored pumps in their wardrobe. They're so versatile, because they suit with every color. And gosh, they are elegant.. I already imagine myself wearing them to my next prom: nude colored maxi dress with sheer short sleeves, nude lipstick, smashing voluminous eye lashes, and as a finishing touch these gorgeous shoes. Sounds enchanting, don't you think?

Pumps - Bronx (via

Friday, May 11, 2012

Eternal love

The place I visited last Monday was absolutely gorgeous. I imagined myself in Greek ancient times, when I looked at all of the beautiful statues and pilars that I came across that day. I told you about my interest in the Latin language and Greek and Roman antiquity before, so you probably understand my euphoric feelings when being on such a wonderful place. I wore a pretty appropriate outfit for the occasion, because the colors of my clothes perfectly matched with the environment. Perhaps some of the other people around there were thinking I was the statue, given the fact my skin tone is very pale and the clothes I wore are all ivory/beige/gold. Haha, I'm just kidding. ;-)

Trenchcoat - Mango; Shorts - OASAP; Bag - Manfield;
Sunglasses - Giorgio Armani; Top - H&M; Necklace - Westrags; Shoes - Asos