Saturday, November 24, 2012

Palmtrees and a beautiful sunset

It can be very cozy when the weather turns colder and the days become darker. Winter is the time of celebrating Christmas with your family, going crazy on New Year's Eve parties, having an early-morning breakfast with plenty of candles (my favorite!), and sitting in front of the fireplace with the people you love. However, I'm still more the summer-type of girl, so when I got my new Iphone last week (finally I've got access to instagram @theonlyfashionprincess again), I immediately knew the type of case I wanted to have: one that reminds me of the amazing summer I had this year. I decided to design one myself that shows the sunset that I captured in Greece in one of the first days of August. I wanted my name in elegant letters on it too, to get the case even more personal. The result is exactly how I wanted it to be, and I really want to thank the website that made it possible to easily create your own cases, Caseable, for bringing my summer memories back to life! So if you ever need a new laptop/phone/tablet/e-reader/iPad case, go see their website..

Iphone case - Caseable


  1. I love the tropical phone case!!! 

    ♥ Elle 
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  2. lovely; DDD

    new post !!

  3. Die is erg leuk! Ik ben zou alleen om mijn eigen telefoon gene hoesje kunnen verdragen ;p

  4. wauw super leuk!
    liefs, laila.

  5. So pretty and I need beach I don't like winter!!

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  6. Amazing case, darling!
    Love that it is personalized!


  7. Awesome!!! that is really fantastic to have such a personalized casing. greatttt!!!!

  8. OMG, wat een super vet hoesje!

    Liefs, Mariette

  9. You are indeed the only fashion princess ! ;)
    Loved that case , I wish I had one ! :D
    followed you in GFC , hope you follow back !


  10. Ooh super gaaf, ik wou al vragen waar je hem vandaan hebt haha :D

  11. Ah thats beautiful!

  12. Wow, great idea! I love to personalize my stuff! I'm going to check their website wright now! hehe ;)

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  13. Superleuk!
    Bedankt voor de reactie op mijn blog!