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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Playing outside

Spending time in nature nurtures mind, body and soul. I love the outdoors. Freedom lies in the wilderness, miracles hide themselves among trees, rocks and even tiny blades of grass, and I am always amazed by the ridiculous amount of beauty that can be found all over the globe. In a way of speaking, I soak up nature when I am outside. During hikes and other journeys through the natural world, I breathe in the fresh air and I consider myself a privileged human. Luckily for me, I grew up in a country in which you can go out safely and in which there are lots of places with little traffic and exhaust emissions. Even though I personally prefer more tropical flora and fauna, I feel ultimately favored that my parents raised me here. Other parts of what nature has to offer can be experienced by travelling. And that is exactly what I am planning to.

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Top - Under Armour; Shorts - H&M; Shoes - Nike; Socks - OASAP
Running bracelet - Adidas

Monday, November 17, 2014

Shopping in black (and gold)

When I went shopping at one of my favorite luxury department stores yesterday afternoon, I wore an all-black outfit. Instead of what most people argue, I believe black is anything but gloomy. For me, it is the most elegant, chic and versatile color that exists and I love the sense of mystery that it incorporates. Black never bores me. Whether I am looking for clothing for the holiday season, daily wear, swimwear or activewear, or whether I am on the hunt to catch the perfect bag or pair of shoes, there is always a ninety-percent chance that I end up buying something in this dark hue.
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For those of you that are still thinking an all-black look is not that exciting, I will reveal you a secret.. The trick is, you have to use different fabrics. Do not be afraid to pair leather with knits ánd cotton (ánd lycra, if you prefer). Simply use your imagination, experiment and find out the combinations that work best for you!

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Top - WalG; Belt - Lookbookstore; Bag - Furla; Boots - G-star raw; Watch - Timex

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Neon yellow madness

Whether you want to be seen by car drivers when you are running outside or whether you simply want to look fabulous while doing something else, I suggest you to stock up on neon yellow workout wear. I am absolutely addicted to almost everything in this noticeable color, ranging from tops and bras to tights and shoes. These tights by Liquido Active give me the additional advantage of letting my skin breathe while being active. The sheer, silky material makes them perfect for all kinds of sweaty sports and since they fit like a second skin (no joke!) they are great for yoga - or chilling on the couch - too. Happy Sunday, everyone! Hopefully you have got the opportunity to end the week in a peaceful way.

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Tights - Liquido Active; Top - Nike

Friday, November 14, 2014


Honesty is one of the most important things in a relationship, whether it is romantically, friendly or whether it is the relationship between blogger and audience. Hence, I will be honest to you: this fabulous top is officially not mine. I stole it from my mother. Oh man, I am so caught right now..

Now the truth has been spoken, I am allowed to continue with my story. Leopard-printed items are not on my wishlist by nature. I used to have a strong aversion towards everything with this animal pattern on it but nowadays I do appreciate such items if they satisfy all of my criteria: they have to be of high quality, the pattern is not allowed to look 'cheap' and the piece of clothing has to have a simple and decent design (no sheer parts, cut-outs or plunging necklines allowed!). Anyway, this sports top definitely meets the three requirements and therefore I think it is superduper awesome. What about you?

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Top - SOHO; Shorts - H&M

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


My favorite looks are minimalistic and simple and I prefer using a minimum amount - if any - of accessoiries. A simple but gorgeous watch in combination with one or two bracelets is enough to complete an outfit, if you ask me. If I am looking for a new watch, I usually visit 10:35, my favorite online boutique for watches. You could have seen me wearing the Triwa Rosé Nevil many times before (for example here and here), and I am also the proud owner of a Timex watch since last week. I love the combination of the watch with my handmade bracelet with Felicita (=the Italian word for happiness) on it. This bracelet always reminds me of how lucky I am to live the life I am living.

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Sweater - OASAP; Pants - Whistles; Putse - Tommy Hilfiger; Watch - Timex;
Shoes - Etro

Monday, November 10, 2014

Five tips for happy Mondays

Thank God, it is Monday. No, I did not made a typo by writing the previous sentence whilst meaning the more common TGIF (thank God, it is Friday). I correctly wrote thank God, it is Monday.

When I check out my Facebook feed on Mondays, I face millions of negative status updates. The weekend is over, which seems a license to complain about everyting to many. And since I absolutely dislike complaining and I rather focus on positive things, I decided to devote an article to starting your weekwith joy. So hereby I present to you my five tips to make the most of your Mondays.

1. Wake up with gratitude
Waking up with a gracious heart helps in having more positive thoughts during the day. Gratitude increases optimism and happpiness and causes jealousy to decrease. So count your blessings and get rid of negative thoughts. List at least one thing about your life that is smile-worthy and I bet you will feel better during the day.

2. Do not press the snooze button on your alarm clock
I usually do not need to set an alarm clock since my biological rythm never fails to wake me up on time (regardless of my desired wake-up time) but I know this seldomly happens to most people. Anyway, when the alarm goes off, do not press the snooze button. Even though this tiny button might seem a gift from God to you after a short night of sleep, pressing it over and over again does not make you feel more rested. It actually contributes to more tired mornings. Therefore, challenge yourself and try to suppress the desire of hitting the snooze button: go for longer term benefits instead of short-term pleasure.

3. Avoid rushing (prepare)
Avoid the morning rush to feel more blissful during the day. That is, prepare your snacks (see #4), pick out your work attire and pack your bag the night before. This will save you lots of time in the morning, which you can spend on having an extra moment of pleasure when you are eating breakfast,

4. Bag up some "happy snacks"
Getting hungry results in a grumpy mood so make sure you pack some snacks that you can have during the course of the day. Obviously you want to give your Monday mood the most positive boost possible, so I suggest you to try stocking up on so-called "happy snacks". Examples of these are bananas. These yellow pieces of fruit contain tryptophan, which produces serotonin (the happy hormone!). Other examples of happy snacks are wholegrain sandwiches (wholegrains contain B vitamins that are mood-boosting) and walnuts (which contain Omega-3 fatty acids that are believed to induce happiness too).

5. Wear a mood-boosting outfit
It is possibly not the first thing you would think of, but the secret of feeling fabulous lies in your wardrobe. Clothes can definitely influence your mood and therefore it is crucial to wear a mood-boosting outfit on Mondays, when you tend to be a little sulky. Grab your new skirt or that beautiful blouse that you got from your love and wear it with a big smile. Or wear something with a bright and happy color, like the purple Hunter boots that I wear in the pictures. I bet you will start the new week feeling (and looking) amazing!

Now I am writing these tips anyway.. I will give you one bonus tip, which is - at least according to me - the most important of them all: read FLOURISHINGFIT.COM after waking up during your morning coffee. Particular topics will be covered on certain days and Monday's article on FF is all about happiness. Nothing will boost your mood more than reading this, don't you think? ;-) Oh, and the FF app follows soon, so the website is even more easily accessible on your mobile devices.

Wearing: Adidas sweater, River Island leggings, and Hunter boots