Thursday, September 18, 2014

Strapless dress

I am currently based in a small village near the city, which occasionally results in funny situations. It is quite a traditional place so my way of dressing is not the most common over there. However, it is a healthy place to live due to the fact that there is less traffic and exhaust emissions and many many more green nature than there is in a big city. In addition, the village is praised by its inhabitant because of the tranquility that you can find over there. Anyway, we laughed out loudly when these pictures were taken, just before I went to a dinner meeting. That is, the environment - and I am referring to the accumulations of mud that you can see in the background - simply does not seem to perfectly match the white strapless dress and nude-colored high heels. Possibly we should have chosen a more elegant location, but then again.. why not showing reality? ;-)


Dress - OASAP; Heels - Invito; Bag - Front Row Shop; Sunglasses - Giorgio Armani

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Morning rituals

I wake up very early most of the time, if not always. I cannot say the morning is my favorite part of the day since I believe every part of the day has it specific charmes and I evenly enjoy all of them, but I am definitely fond of the serenity that comes with the hours around sunrise. I always think about how much I appreciate life while having breakfast, and if I do not have early meetings or obligations I like taking a moment of relaxation with a book or magazine and the smell of soy scents. My friend sells them in her webshop and she was kind enough to send me some samples to try. J'adore the scent of vanilla, but you should decide yourself what scent you like most.


Nightwear - Victoria's Secret; Soy Scents - Hebbers

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Free spirit

Free Spirit:
"A person with a highly individual or unique attitude, lifestyle, or imagination; noncomformist; someone who lives according to his or her own wishes and beliefs, unconstrained by society's conventions."

I am a free spirit. I do not naturally conform to common conventions, simply because everyone else does or think about something in a specific way. I am definitely not provocative, but I believe life is about happiness and for me, joining the crowd does not make me happy. My ambitions, mindset and lifestyle are highly unique, and I guess that is what cause my endless feeling of fortune.

The combination of a long cardigan and jeans shorts always works for me, It gives me the desired "hippie feeling", and in combination with a loose top and wavy beach hair, I imagine myself on a Hawaiian beach at sunset, sipping coconut water and listening to life music from a local guitar player. By wearing my leopard desert boots and bag, I added some patterns to the look, which makes the outfit more exciting - if you ask me.


Cardigan - Red Label; Top - DIY; Jeans - DIY Pepe Jeans; Bag - Front Row Shop;
Shoes - Invito

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sneaker love and amazing sportswear

I assume that most of you that regularly read my blog and/or follow me on Instagram already noticed my love for sneakers, and especially for Nike's Free Run collection. I currently own shoes from the second until the fifth version of this collection, and I ensure you I will stay loyal to these type of sneakers until the very very end. Nike is always on point with the designs of their shoes, if you ask me. They are functional and fashionable at the same time, and the fact that they are available in so many bright colors drive me crazy. I personally prefer footwear that is unique so that no one else in my environment has got the same pair of shoes on their feet, and therefore it is quite difficult for me to shop in regular main street stores near my home. However,I recently stumbled upon the webshop of such a store and I was pleasantly surprised they formed an exception of the stores that only sell 'the common shoes'. Most of their sneaker collection is a little different from usual, and that is exactly the thing I like!

Oh, and then there is also the other part of the title: amazing sportswear. I do not think that part needs much explanation. I mean, look at the insanely good-looking top and leggings with the sheer parts in them. They easily passed the quality check (the fabric is PERFECTION) and you can decide yourself whether you agree with me that these are two of the most gorgeous pieces of activewear ever made. Product links can be found below the pictures!


Top - Public Myth; Bottoms - Public Myth; Shoes - Nike

Friday, September 12, 2014

Palm trees

If it comes to flora and fauna, the palm tree is definitely my favorite. Palm trees are statues of happiness. Why? Because for me, they reflect sunshine, summer, travelling, beauty and love, which are five of the things that make me the happiest person in the world. My most cherished memories all include a palmtree, or at least they are related to a country in which those beautiful creatures of nature exist. And oh my.. how romantic do they look at sunset?

Besides my small obsession over palmtrees, I want to tell you a bit about the outfit that is pictured below. The shorts are made by myself, just one day before I left for Greece. That is, I cut off the pair of jeans that used to be my favorite back in the days. I have been looking for the perfect jeans shorts for ages and since I could not find them anywhere, creating them myself was the most ideal option. And they came out flawlessly, if I might say so  ツ. Anyway, I styled them with a crop top and some simple flip flops. I chose the top because it is my favorite top by far, but I have to confess there is absolutely no fashionable thought behind the choice of footwear. They were actually the most convenient option for the little walk from my room to the breakfast restaurant (which took me less than two minutes haha).


Top - Front Row Shop; Shorts - DIY Pepe Jeans; Sunglasses - Giorgio Armani
Flip flops - Havaianas

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Travel outfit

There I was. It was 5 AM and I was waiting for the taxi that would bring us to the airport, where we would catch our flight back to Amsterdam. I clearly remember the moment, even though it is more than a week back now. We did not want to leave yet, but we were so grateful for the amazing days that we spend in an environment that was filled with luxury, lovely people, and lots of sunshine. I wore this little black dress with the colorful pattern on it, and styled it with my favorite ankle booties. I prefer socks peaking out of the shoes when I combine them with a short dress and bare legs, simply because I think the combination dress/shoes does not match that well otherwise.

When this picture was taken, I tried to upload some photos on facebook and instagram. I am definitely not the kind of person that loves to use her Iphone 24/7 during a vacation. Even though I tried to upload pictures on social media every now and then, I usually only took my phone with me so that I could capture everything with the camera that is on it. I can definitely fill a 700 page book with the shots I took, haha. That is, more photographs of my vacation are yet to come..


Dress - Poppy Lux; Booties - Etro