Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween part I: Creepy harlequin

Happy Halloween, everyone! Did you already carve a pumpkin, attend a costume party or prepare scary-looking drinks and bites? The last two days, it was all dressing up and celebrating Halloween for me. I transformed into a very creepy creature for the first night. White face, skeleton bones, red eyebrows.. I even scared myself off everytime I looked in the mirror! My second look was way less scary, but I loved it anyway. I dressed up like a sea nymph, and I will post pictures of it by tomorrow. I am so excited to hear your opinions about both of the looks!

Trick or treat!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Let me state this first: I truly detest violence and I wish this world would be free of criminality and all sorts of pain, but unfortunately the sad truth is that there are disturbed people out there. Being able to defend yourself when it is needed is therefore really important. And since I honestly wish you will never encounter the scenerio of being physically attacked by someone, I will discuss the situation that happens more regularly in many people's lifes: the situation of one being verbally attacked without any reason. I believe the most important thing if you are a victim of either gossip, bullying or name calling is that you try to have a strong and confident attitude. This starts with your posture: keep your back straight and your head high. Then, try to remember that spreading rumours or bullying innocent people is usually the direct result of insecurity of someone. You have to realize yourself that there is nothing wrong with you, the attacker is the one to be blamed and he or she is the one who needs help. If you know who you are and what you are capable of (which is a lot, I am sure!), no one who does not mean anything to you can hurt you with words. You are like a tree: people could try to cut the branches, but they will not be able to hurt the deeply ingrained roots.


Top and tights - Adidas via Zalando; Shoes - Nike; MMA gloves - Adidas

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

If life gives you lemons..

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade (or a gin tonic). I honestly think this quote on my new cup is hilarious. But I totally agree with it though. If something goes wrong, simply turn the situation into something positive. Or at least find a small positive aspect that comes along with the situation. And if you even cannot find that, my advice would be to go with the flow and wait until you are able to see things in another perspective. Everything turns out in the end. If it does not turn out, it is not the end yet.

In the pictures below, you see me strolling through the city while wearing my new winter coat. I have loved it since the first time I tried it on and I am amazed by how comfortable and warm it is every time I wear it. I always succeed when I shop at The Sting. Their collection is very extensive so basically all different style demands could be served. And their clothes are made from fabrics that satisfy my quality standards, which are - I admit - quite strict.


Coat - Bella Ragazza via The Sting; Cup - BOHO Amsterdam

Monday, October 27, 2014

Stay hydrated

It is common sense that keeping the body hydrated is very important for good health. Water makes up more than half of your body weight and it is crucial for correctly functioning of the many cells, tissues and organs that your body is composed of. Benefits of being perfectly hydrated include having a gorgeous skin - say bye, bye to your wrinkles! -, stronger teeth and bones, and better brain functioning. Different human beings have different needs for staying hydrated when it comes to fluid intake, but it should be clear that everyone should pay attention to drinking enough throughout the day. However, many people do not enjoy the taste of water that much and if you are one of them: do not worry, you are not doomed to be dehydrated because of this aversion to the transparent fluid! There are so many other options that will help you to meet your daily hydration needs. Milk and fruit juices are the most obvious ones, but I would like to introduce you to another idea: infused water. Simply put your favorite fruits into a bottle of water and leave them in for a little while. The water takes the taste of the fruits and hence you create your own lemonade - without the artificial sweetners that are included in most of those.


Tights - ONLY PLAY; Bottle - ONLY PLAY; Top - H&M

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Release your inner child

Being an adult means having more responsibilities, more obligations, and less spare time. Many people stop doing things they inherently like only because of their age. "I cannot do that anymore, I am approaching the forty years old now!", is something I regularly hear. However, I do not believe age should withold you from the things you love. You obviously have to take your responsibilities and your obligations into consideration when living your life, but this does not mean that you cannot have fun anymore. I am attracted to people who still release their inner child every now and then. People who do not take life too seriously, even though they have got impressive jobs, children and/or many problems to deal with. Those people are my friends, the people I hang out with. And of course, I am only twenty one years old, so "what are you talking about you naive young lady?". Yes, it is true that I am young. But that is not what causes my playfulness. I will stay the person that loves a good laugh and that enjoys acting silly every now and then for ever!


Shirt - Adidas; Joggers - Adidas via Hoodboyz; Sneakers - Nike via Hoodboyz

Saturday, October 25, 2014

My babies

I am in seventh heaven. Nope, I am not getting married. I simply fell in love with my new sneakers. They are promoted as providing increased stability along with great cushoning and I ensure you that the advertisements did not lie a single word. My feet are slightly overpronating and these shoes give them amazing support. Even after wearing them for hours, they still feel highly comfortable. I actually did not want to take them off when I wore them for the first time. But sleeping with sneakers on is not that common - or even acceptable - so I had no choice. Needless to say, I dreamed about my beauties that night. Just like you dream about your prince charming when you close your eyes..

An outfitpost with them follows soon!


Shoes - Nike