Monday, December 22, 2014

Favorite type of outfit

A couple of the things that I value most when it comes to fashion are timelessness, comfort, quality, femininity, individuality and minimalistic elegance. As a natural result of a human being making personal developments and growing up, my style changed a lot over the years (to say the least). I sold many of my old clothes since they absolutely did not attract me anymore. I actually could not believe I liked them back in time. However, there are some items that I have kept. Those are the timeless ones and they all happen to have a plain color and to be made of high-quality fabrics. I only purchase this type of fashion items nowadays. I call them investments: they usually have got a bigger price tag but if you measure price in 'price per wear' they appear to be not that expensive at all. So you need to make an upfront cost that is higher than usual, but it pays off in the end. It is simply a shift in revenue and expenditure, so to speak. And if you do not agree on this, please blame my background in financial business economics for stating such quotes.. Anyway, the outfit that I wore yesterday during holiday shopping perfectly illustrates the story I wrote above. The look consists of items that I recently bought but I know for sure I will still wear them a year from now. And the best thing is.. The chelsea boots - which are my current favorites - do not even have a great price tag, which proves that high-quality not always goes hand in hand with a ultra-high price!

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Jeans - Guess; Sweater - Raquel Allegra; Belt - Cowboysbelt; Shoes - Invito

Friday, December 19, 2014

Eye of the tiger

With Christmas around the corner, everyone - including me - seems to be even more busy than usual. Gifts have to be bought, ideas for the Christmas dinner have to be developed, holiday wishes need to be sent.. It is all so much fun but it causes our agendas to explode because we have to do all of these things in addition to our daily activities. I know it is not an excuse for the lack of new articles on the blog lately, but now you know the reason why I did not post anything the last couple of days. Business meetings, interviews, private matters and Christmas preparations resulted in not being able to take a proper picture of one of my looks that I could publish over here. I even neglected Instagram.. Anyway, I did manage to capture this workout look the other night. I am absolutely fond of my new sneakers (that I actually bought because I was desperate to take my ultra-high heels of after many business meetings and long walks through the city) and I think they look even more stunning in combination with these amazing ONLY PLAY tights. Reveal the beast inside of you, rawrrrrr!!!

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Shoes - Nike; Tights - ONLY PLAY; Top - Public Myth

Monday, December 8, 2014


What to wear on weekends when the weather becomes colder? Something warm and comfortable! When you compare the outfit below - that I wore yesterday - and the outfit that I wore on the last Sunday of November, it is evident that I associate comfort with knits. I - love - knits - for - the - weekends. I paired this patterned cardigan with the draped front with a tight fitting bodycon dress and knitted tights. As for footwear, I opted for UGG boots. Opinions about these type of boots are highly controversial but I think this low version of them are actually rather cute when it is freezing cold outside. And in addition to this.. Why would you suffer from having cold feet when there is a solution available?

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Dress - Sutherland; Cardigan - Sheinside; Boots - UGG via here; Bag - Manfield

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Comfort to the max

I wrote about the importance of taking a day off every now and then in one of the previous posts and I obviously have to follow my own advice. Hence, I did not schedule any business appointment last Sunday. I even did not write a single word for the e-book that launches by the end of the year. In this way, I created the opportunity to do everything I wanted to do without taking into account any commitments (even though I love writing the e-book, of course). Anyway, I felt it was needed to adjust my daily look to the 'type of day'. Wearing a business suit or a skirt with sequins all over it seemed a little overdressed, even for me. I therefore opted for an outfit that possibly ranks as one of the most comfortable outfits that I ever wore. Knitted sweater, a beanie, no jewelry, and my most comfi heeled ankle boots.. Yeah, this is what you van call comfort to the max. How does your outfit look like when you have scheduled a day off?

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Sweater - Mango; Beanie - Hoodboyz; Tights - OASAP; Ankle boots - Invito; Bag - Tommy Hilfiger

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Morning dances

I always make my own sunshine so my mood is not particularly dependent on weather circumstances but I have to confess I foolishly jump around across my bedroom when I wake up and the sun is peaking through the curtains. I directly associate sun with summer and since summer is related to all things good (for me, as a true beach bum who would rather wear swimwear every single day of the year), I feel like a little kid in a candystore on such mornings. Yesterday morning was one of such mornings (I dare you to try picturing me dancing through my room at 7 AM without laughing!!!) and I truly had to suppress the urge to have breakfast outside, which would be completely insane since temperatures were no higher than zero degrees. Anyway, a big smile appeared on my face and my energy levels raised to +1000 immediately after I opened my eyes. Or maybe that was not because of the good weather.. Maybe it is actually daily business for me..

ps what do  you think of my new chelsea boots? They are AMAZING, no? I am so so so happy with them!!!!

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Sunglasses - Giorgio Armani; Scarf - V&D; Sweater - Mango; Coat - VilaShoes - Bullboxer by Invito

Friday, November 28, 2014

Pimp your sneakers

One of the most seen Nike sneakers on blogs, Instagram and in magazines are the ones from the Nike Free collection. If you ask me, their popularity is not surprising since they are available in so many fun colors, which makes them appealing to many of us. You could see me wearing them on the blog a couple of times before (for example here, here and here) and even though I recently purchased sneakers with a different fit, I still love my Nike Frees. However, the title of this post is Pimp your sneakers so let us get to the point. How did I decorate my sneakers in a subtle way? By using bright colored laces! Maybe it seems a minor modification to you, but results are huge. I mean, if you looked at the outfitposts that I suggested above, you can see that this 'version' of the shoe looks totally different only because of the eyecatching blue laces. It is a DIY project that is characterized by little effort, big results. And that is what we all want, no? ;-)

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Top - Under Armour; Tights - Nike; Shoes - Nike via here

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Recharging body and mind

Work never stops. Whether it is cleaning the house, shopping for groceries, doing homework, your full-time job, your own business or keeping up with the private financial administration, there is always something that can be or have to be done. And I even did not mention social obligations, which can take a considerable amount of time too.. We are always busy and we often forget we are not machines that can work on high-intensity 24/7/365 a year. To remain feeling good, it is crucial to slow down and recharge yourself every now and then. Not only the body but also the mind has to get rid of tensions that we build up on a daily basis.

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