Monday, September 29, 2014

Travel | Istanbul

Introduction. Since I feel the need to express my love for travel more often, I decided to publish articles about it here on too. The articles will feature - among other things - travel stories of myself and/or others, travel destinations that are on my bucket list, places that you have to visit, tips for travelling, and travel inspiration. For this article, I want you to introduce to the city where Europe meets Asia: Istanbul. The capital of Turkey makes it to many hot lists and that is definitely not surprisingly. There are mosques, bazaars and other beautiful buildings all over the city and even though it is relatively close to The Netherlands - it is only a three and a half hour flight -, you will explore a totally different culture.

Shopping. Istanbul is a shopper's paradise. If you know where to look, the city satisfies the fashion-taste of literally everyone. There are so many different type of shops, from antique shops and chic boutiques to huge shopping malls. You can go from purchasing high-end antiques to bargaining a scarf with a street vendor within just a couple of minutes. Obviously, Istanbul offers a wide range of Oriental clothing (so I dare you to go get your belly-dancing costume when you are over there and show me some moves in a youtube video), but also a lot of designer fashion is sold in the city. Most people consider their shopping done after they visited the Grand Bazaar, but that is definitely not the only place for catching the clothes you want! I personally love the lavander cross body bag by Istanbul designer Mehry Mu, but the designs of so many Turkish designers are absolutely unique and definitely worth the investment.

Food. For all foodies among you, the Egyptian market is a must-visit. I go crazy when I am on a market where an insane amount of different herbs, (dried) fruits and nuts is sold, and you will definitely succeed in purchasing at least one thing that satisfies your sweet tooth. With the many types of fresh village cheeses, the great amount of vegetables and all of the other foods that are sold over there, you are ensured that you will not leave empty-handed when you are searching for ingredients for your next meal.

Hotels. As in most cities, there are places to sleep for all budgets. If you decide to make a reservation at one of the many luxurious hotels with amazing facilities like a Turkish Hamam, a vitamin bar and a pool, you are ensured of a royal treatment. These hotels have got huge suites, delicious champaign breakfasts and you are able to enjoy a breathtaking view if you look outside of the windows of your room. However, if you want to sleep at a place that has a lower price tag, you can find rooms that are only twenty euros a night!

Sightseeing. You will definitely not get bored during your stay in Istanbul. The city covers a great amount of gorgeous mosques, museums, and other places and buildings that are worth a visit. Take the Basilica Cistern, which is pictured above. It is the largest of several hundred cisterns located underneath Istanbul and it has been said that more than 7000 slaves were involved in the construction of it. If you visit this popular tourist attraction, make sure you walk all the way to the left-hand corner of this ancient cistern. Two Medusa heads carved in column bases are located over there and both the positioning (one is positioned upside down) as their origin remains a mystery up till now. Following the myth, Medusa was the sea nimph that was turned into a monstrous beast with snakes instead of hair, whose face could turn onlookers into stone. Eventually she was beheaded. In classical antiquity and today, the head of Medusa finds expression in the evil-averting device.

Conclusion. Hopefully I could give you some inspiration to go visit Istanbul, the city where you can find basically anything. There are so many buildings steeped in history that culture-lovers definitely should visit, but on the other hand the modern nightlife is also amazing. For either fashion, food and interior, the shopping is like a dream and on top of that, you will be spoiled for choice with Istanbul's varied gastro scene when it comes to food. So.... Put 'visiting Istanbul' on your bucket list right now!!!!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The beginning of autumn

This sentence is probably very redundant given the title of the previous article, but fall has officially started. Going to the forest and looking at the beautiful nature on the first day of autumn has become a tradition over the years and since most traditions should be kept alive, I went there and I marveled at the beauty of the pretty colored leaves that have already fallen from the trees. I am still longing for summer days and nights but seeing something positive in every situation is one of the building blocks for happiness, so enjoying aspects of the beginning of autumn is a must. I wore a quite simple outfit that includes many of my favorite items. I own the jeans for years now and I still do not get enough of them, the same-colored bag and the ankle boots are my favorite combination of accessoiries ever, the watch is simply amazing, and I believe you can never go wrong with a white tshirt. Add the fact that all clothes fit like a glove so the outfit is very comfortable, and you probably can imagine that outfits like this one are my all-time favorites!


Tshirt - Sutherland; Jeans - My God; Boots - Invito; Bag - Tommy Hilfiger
Watch - Triwa

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Summer is ending

Summer is coming to an end in Holland, but I refuse to believe that there will not be a couple of days with high temperatures and lots of sunshine this year. I am not a shivery person anyway, so usually you will see me wearing shorts and dresses for a longer time period than most others will. I decided to wear my new front split dress yesterday. It is funny that by the end of summer, I always get that 'you have to wear it now because otherwise you will not have the opportunity to wear it anymore'-feeling when I look at my favorite summer clothes. Hence, when the sun is out - or at least the temperatures are acceptable - I rather change clothes eight times a day so that I can wear everything I love before fall starts, haha. Possibly this is also the reason why I wore my favorite high-heeled sandals AGAIN. I am so crazy about them that I want to wear them as much as possible now the weather still allows it. That is a proper justification, if you ask me..


Dress - LookBookStore; Sandals - Eva Turner; Sunglasses - Giorgio Armani

Friday, September 19, 2014

Instagram | Travelling

Even though I came back from Greece for more than two weeks now and I am already planning my next trip, I still look at the pictures that I took there every single day. I miss the beautiful and utterly inspiring place so much and I sincerely enjoy seeing the pictures over and over again. Anyway, I posted many of them on Instagram and I thought it would be nice to also share a small selection here on the blog. Oh, and if you want, I would looooove to see you at my Instagram account too. Just leave me a little message over there and I will check out your feed too. I always enjoy discovering more of the private life of my followers!

Check out the outfits that I wore during my vacation here, here, here, here, here, here and here.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Strapless dress

I am currently based in a small village near the city, which occasionally results in funny situations. It is quite a traditional place so my way of dressing is not the most common over there. However, it is a healthy place to live due to the fact that there is less traffic and exhaust emissions and many many more green nature than there is in a big city. In addition, the village is praised by its inhabitant because of the tranquility that you can find over there. Anyway, we laughed out loudly when these pictures were taken, just before I went to a dinner meeting. That is, the environment - and I am referring to the accumulations of mud that you can see in the background - simply does not seem to perfectly match the white strapless dress and nude-colored high heels. Possibly we should have chosen a more elegant location, but then again.. why not showing reality? ;-)


Dress - OASAP; Heels - Invito; Bag - Front Row Shop; Sunglasses - Giorgio Armani

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Morning rituals

I wake up very early most of the time, if not always. I cannot say the morning is my favorite part of the day since I believe every part of the day has it specific charmes and I evenly enjoy all of them, but I am definitely fond of the serenity that comes with the hours around sunrise. I always think about how much I appreciate life while having breakfast, and if I do not have early meetings or obligations I like taking a moment of relaxation with a book or magazine and the smell of soy scents. My friend sells them in her webshop and she was kind enough to send me some samples to try. J'adore the scent of vanilla, but you should decide yourself what scent you like most.


Nightwear - Victoria's Secret; Soy Scents - Hebbers